By Qixin “Kevin” Wang


Shooting 27-of-29 from the line, Lady Titans defeated visiting Lady Saints 92-82 last Tuesday by dominating the free throws, and taking full advantages of the bonus. Cortney Flanigan, the former Eastern Hancock High standout from Valparaiso, led the Lady Titans with a game-high 26 points, including 14-of -14 from the free throw line. Eva Comans and Jennifer VanderZanden both added 15.


Coming out of a thrilling victory over Campbellsville University (KY) on January 11th, the Titans are now ranked top on both rebound margin/game and scoring defense in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference. The visiting Lady Saints from University of Saint Francis had just won over Hannibal La-Grange 92-49 on January 5, the 2006-2007 season series, Lady Saints swept Titans both home and away. Therefore, it was very interesting to take a look at what these two teams would bring up.

As usual, Coach Steve Bruce put Cortney Flanigan and Niki McDonald on the starting backcourt. Senior swingman Abbey Freeman and forward Jennifer VanderZanden made up the front court, and centre Eva Comans would be inside.


Both team played hard on defense after the tip-off, and the pace of the game kept going fast. The Titans had not been fully prepared for the tough D placed on them at the beginning and made some turnovers. Obviously, they need to find a better way to enter the game as soon as possible, especially when being faced with situations like some hard defense. Iva Comans made 2-2 from the line and initiated the scoreboard. Niki McDonald found her touch very quickly and hit two three point shots from downtown, giving the Titans a 10-5 opening. The Lady Saints seemed focused too much on defense and could not find an easy way to hit the basket. Freeman’s three pointer, as well as reserve Forward Katie Hacker’s mid-range bucket forced the Lady Saints to call their first full timeout with 12:50 to go in the first period.  VanderZanden made three straight baskets, including a three-point play by taking it strong. Flanigan began to find her touch on the perimeter, when she hit a three from baseline and expanded the lead to double digit for the first time, 29-17. While focusing on playing good defense, the Lady Saints began to make breakthroughs on the three-point line. Thanks to the poor shooting percentage of the opponents, the Titans kept up expanding their lead by making some easy lay-ups during transition. Comans and VanderZanden protected the rebound very well, the Titans benefited a lot and scored in some fastbreaks. Freeman’s bank shot closed the first period, Titans led 47-31.


In the second period, the Lady Titans still kept their hand hot while the Saints lost their energy in defense. Comans and VanderZanden kept attacking the basket and gave the Lady Saints enough pressure in the paint. Their reserve centre Graham seemed to provide little help except fouls, giving bonus to the Titans. After a 30 second timeout, the Saints found their passion on defense again and rallied to catch up with the score. However, the Titans had solved their problems on turnovers as well as stamina by adjusting the line-up based on the situation. The Lady Saints were once close when they cut their deficit to 10 points with 5:57 left in the second period, but could not get closer. In the last few minutes, the Saints’ fouling strategy did not bother the Titans, the game ended with ease. 92-82, the Lady Titans won a second straight home game. Freeman had four three-pointers for the Titans, McDonald added three, and Flanigan contributed two.


The next game will be on the road trip on Saturday, January 19, the opponent is Olivet Nazarene University.


Fitness Classes

March 26, 2007

Terrie Phillips
Staff Writer

As one of the most popular things people talk about, weight loss seems to be among them. With media bombarding us with ads telling us to be skinny, and others telling us to be us, movies like To Be Fat Like Me airing on Lifetime and magazines promising us 10-minute weight loss solutions, it seems hard not to have weight on the mind.
As a journalism student, I know better than to include my personal thoughts in any article, but as something that plagues hundreds of thousands of people and increasingly in adolescents and something that I have struggled with for the past 10 years of my life, I have decided to make this article a little more personal, more an editorial if you will. 
Weight loss is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions people make and probably one of the first that is not followed through with. It is hard, especially for busy college students; they work, study, and eat junk food, because, lets face it, junk food is fast, easy, and most of the time cheaper than to buy organic or non-processed foods. 
Weight loss is a very hot issue today. It has become a huge industry, with the 48-hour miracle diet to hard core weight loss pills to gyms offering specials for joining now and weight loss specialists letting you lose weight by buying their food and coming to their meetings and charging only so much per week plus the cost of food. There seems to be no end to the many solutions to weight loss; each one easier and faster than the one before them. But what does this mean for you, the consumer? And better yet, you the college student – don’t have all the money in the world – consumer? 
There are many things we could do to get in better shape. Eating better is one way, but I am not going to talk about healthier eating habits, because everyone knows that eating cheese fries is not a healthy way to get your vegetables and dairy. We all should know the food pyramid by now, and if we don’t, we have various resources to find out what we should and shouldn’t eat. One solution I have participated in, and am forcing myself to continue, is the exercising portion of losing weight and staying healthy.} 
The Student Activity Center offers many resources for the student to lose weight. One such solution is the Group Fitness Classes. 
“They are variety-type classes; you are doing it with a group and instructor. They [each class] all hit different areas of exercise: cardio vascular, strength, and flexibility,” said Amy Henkelman, Assistant Director of Recreational Programs,

“The classes are not huge, ranging anywhere from three to 15. It is kind of like having a personal trainer. The instructors adjust the workout to individual abilities,”   Henkelman said.

There are 15 total classes and nine different classes, according to Henkelman. Classes are $2 each or $35 per the semester. The semester pass allows the owner to partake in any class for that semester for as many classes as they want. Something to keep in mind is at the beginning of each semester, the first two weeks are free for all fitness classes.   

For more information on Group Fitness Classes, visit or go to the front desk located in the SAC.

The SAC also has Weight Room Orientation. “The Weight Room Orientations are meant to teach students how to use the equipment properly, learn what muscles the equipment works, and how to get the best work out without getting hurt,” said Henkelman.

The orientations also inform students of proper weight room etiquette and dress code. The dress code includes wearing gym shoes, wearing non-restrictive clothing like blue jeans (including shorts and pants), and having the torso covered at all times (meaning women must wear something other than a sports bra and men can have cut -off sleeve shirts but cannot show the torso from the side).

If there are any questions about the orientations or the dress code, call the SAC at 520-4100 or ask at the front desk.

Jason Cytacki

The sound of dozens of bouncing ping pong balls and the screeching of sneakers filled the SAC on March 17 and 18th. For the fourth consecutive year, the Annual St. Joseph Valley Open  Table Tennis tournament was hosted on the campus of IU South Bend.

Over the course of two days of ping pong battles, 231 participants will play.  According to Phil Schmucker, President of the South Bend Table Tennis Center, “This is the highest total we’ve had since we’ve been here.” 

Included is Mark Hazinski, a current U.S. Olympian and the number 1 player on the U.S. World Team.  Surprising to some, he like many others originated from the South Bend Table Tennis Club. 

South Bend has been a hotbed for ping pong players since the 1930’s. 

Originally conceived in 1935 at the YMCA downtown, the South Bend Club grew to levels of infamy across the nation.  “The whole country knew of South Bend through the South Bend Club” said Brad Balmer, director of the event.  While the club died out in the mid 60’s, a group of IUSB students helped the tradition continue on in the late 70’s. 

“We all met here at IUSB.  We met in the game room in Northside in the basement,” recalls Balmer.  “That was the spark to start the South Bend Club again.”

The club has been around ever since, shifting its location occasionally, as IUSB was one of the intermim locations.  The current club officially began in 1992 and has been going strong ever since. 

Also a part of the South Bend Club is Dan Semiller, who was recently named coach of the year. 

The future seems bright for the South Bend Club as well.  Joe Cochran, a 17 year old from the club is the current #1 player on the U.S. Junior team, and A.J. Brewer at 13 is the Men’s state champion on the junior cadet team.  “He’s a phenomenal player” said Schmucker. 

Senior Day

March 7, 2007

Kevin Butts
Staff Writer

Saturday, February 24 was Senior Day, which means that it was the last chance for the Titans and Lady Titan Seniors to play at home in a regular season game against the St. Xavier University Cougars.
Before both games, ceremonies took place to commemorate the seniors who graduate this year. For the Lady Titans, Stacy Spurgeon was honored with her parents by her side. Spurgeon has played in 129 games for the Lady Titans and will finish 5th All-Time in Assists at IUSB. In addition to that, she was named to the 2nd team All-Conference for the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference.
“We couldn’t have survived without her,” said Head Coach Steve Bruce. “She is our most valuable presence. She brings so many things to our team. She has all the characteristics you would want her to have. She’s absolutely selfless.”
The women’s game was a close battle throughout the first half and ended in a 24-24 halftime tie. Though, the second half could have proved a better story. The Lady Titans eventually fell to the Cougars by a score of 68-54. 
“We played a really outstanding first half, but in the second we didn’t get stops when we need to and we didn’t make shots when we needed to,” said Bruce.
On Monday, another Lady Titan was honored. Jennifer VanderZanden was honored with a 1st team All-Conference selection.
For the men’s team, three seniors were honored before the game: Jeremy Herring, Hubert Gentry, and Travis Carrington. Herring and Gentry were both named 1st team All-Conference for the CCAC this year. 
Herring wrapped up his last home game with 19 points and six rebounds to add to his All-Time rebound record at IUSB, bringing his total to 729. Gentry, however, didn’t fare so well and didn’t get much playing time due to three early fouls. “Hubert got in trouble early with fouls, and that was unfortunate for his last game,” said Micah Shrewsberry, Men’s Head Basketball Coach.
“Jeremy and Hubert have both been here the entire time.  I have nothing but respect for both of them in the way they approached things this year. They never complained; they just went out and did their jobs,” said Shrewsberry.
In the men’s game, the Titans jumped out to an early 29-15 lead, but the Cougars battled back to bring the score to 35-31 at halftime. However, unlike the women’s game, the men took charge in the second half led by Dewey Brown with 28 points, to take the game 73-58. 

“It was the first time those seniors have beaten St. Xavier, and they were really excited about that,” said Shrewsberry. “We played with a lot of energy. I’d say it was the best all season. We played strong and as a team.  Everyone who came in played well, like George Tzanetatos who hit some key threes.”

Lady Titans Lose to ONU

February 14, 2007

The Lady Titans (6-19; 2-6) lost to Olivet Nazarene for the second time this season.  The final score was 99-62.The Lady Titans had three players score in double figures, including Jennifer VanderZanden who had a double-double scoring 20 points and grabbing 16 rebounds. Sarah Craig and Stacy Spurgeon added 13 points and 10 respectively.  Spurgeon added four assists and four rebounds. Craig added five rebounds.

The Lady Titans had 27 turnovers and shot 41% from the field.

The loss gives the Lady Titans their sixth in conference play and they are currently in fifth place.

Up next: Lady Titans at Illinois Tech Saturday, February 10 at 1 p.m.

Adam Gallippo

Student Life Editor

Arguably the most famous athlete in the world, David Beckham recently signed a five year contract rumored to be worth in the neighborhood of $250 million to play soccer for the L.A Galaxy.

The contract, according to the L.A. Galaxy, will cover Beckham’s salary and commercial endorsements over that five year period.


One question seems to be common among the various sports stations and publications; can the 31 year old Beckham turn America on to soccer? Read the rest of this entry »