SGA@Work March 29th

March 29, 2007

Brandi Miller
Staff Writer
At Friday’s meeting the SGA unanimously approved the appointment of Senators Jessica Jackson and Kristina Niere to the Smoking Committee.
The Senate also approved up to $200 to the Election Committee for signs and snacks for the upcoming SGA elections in April. 
Cole Belt was unanimously approved as the Justice replacing Joe Spencer who resigned earlier this month.
The Budget Committee presented the Budget Report for 2008, which included cuts in many departments funding including the stipends given to the SGA members. The new budget was unanimously approved by the Senate and now goes to President Marcus Vigil to be signed and then sent to Chancellor Reck for approval.
The next SGA meeting will be on March 30 in SAC 225 at 4 p.m.


Academic Senate Meeting

March 26, 2007

Adam Gallippo,Student Life Editor 

On January 19, the IUSB Academic Senate held one of their monthly meetings in DW 1001. The IUSB budget was the major topic of discussion at the meeting. During the meeting, it was brought up that, due to state funding cuts, IUSB is over $600,000 behind where it was two years ago. Also, it was pointed out that student fees have surpassed state appropriated funds as far as budget contribution is concerned. 

Aside from budget issues, the Senate discussed looking for proposals to offer two online courses starting next fall. The senate would like to see the classes offered to be in the general education category and be topics in high demand. No proposal has currently been made. Progress for the IUSB Elkhart Center was discussed as well. The old location still needs to be vacated, marketing needs to begin, the courses need to be chosen, and the technology will need to be upgraded. They also went over campus housing very briefly. After being reviewed by the State Committee, the proposal is now awaiting the Governor’s approval. Construction for student housing is still scheduled to begin this spring. Finally, the Senate acknowledged the retirements of Jackie Caul (July 07) and Patty Dees (May 07).

SGA @ Work

March 7, 2007

Brandi Miller
Staff Writer

On Friday, the SGA accepted the resignation of Justice Joe Spencer. To replace Spencer, Marcus Vigil will be appointing Cole Belt. Voting by the Senate will take place at the next SGA meeting on March 23.

Michael McRobbie has been unanimously appointed by the IU Board of Trustees as the 18th president of IU. He will be at IUSB on Thursday to meet with campus administration and the SGA. McRobbie is replacing President Adam Herbert who announced last year that he will be stepping down.

The Accounting Association was unanimously approved to receive $506 for the annual networking dinner which will be held in April.

The Senate unanimously approved the appointment by the Search and Screen Committee of the four students chosen to fill the empty seats in the Senate. Jessica Jackson, Sieanna Giden, Kristina Miere, and Andres Paz Colina will now sit on the Senate of the SGA.

The next SGA meeting will be on March 23 at 4 p.m. in SAC 225.

Budget Hearings

February 28, 2007

Kevin Butts
Staff Writer

Once a year during the spring semester, the budget committee for the Student Government Association meets with clubs and organizations to talk about their allotted budgets for next year and possibly lobby for more funding.
This year, the meetings will be held the week of March 5-9 to discuss those specific organizations funding for the following year. “With enrollment figures the way they currently are, this could prove to be another tight year,” said Marcus Vigil, President of the SGA.
This year, “full-time enrollment numbers went down slightly. However, new students were up from last year,” said Jeff Johnston, Director of Admissions. “Overall, summer is the variable, and has gone up and down in recent history.”
Part of these numbers could very well have to do with the amount of students who also have full-time jobs to supplement their income, which has also seemingly increased in recent history. In that case, it causes full-time students numbers to drop and part-time students to rise.   
As of right now, there is no certainty as to how much impact this will produce for each group or if it will even be insignificant. For more information regarding the budget hearings, please contact the SGA in SAC 202.

Terrie Phillips
Staff Writer

Over a hundred students boarded the chartered busses at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, February 20. I was among them as we began our four hour drive down to Indianapolis to go to the statehouse.

The drive was long, but the wait was worth it. Discussion filled the bus as the drive went on. Some, as in me, caught a few extra winks on the way. The bus leaders explained what we were lobbying for. The renovation of the Associates Building is something that has been talked about on the IU South Bend campus for some time now.

Thoughts ran through my mind on the matter at hand. I knew, somewhat, of how the trip would go, since I had been on it the year before. We finally arrived at the statehouse at about 1:30 p.m. As the cluttered students, staff, faculty, and community members walked inside the building, you could see anticipation on their faces.

Beginning the official IU Statehouse visit with pictures on the staircase, I awed at the beautiful pillars, statues, and paint on the walls. We were given two drink tickets; students were given white tickets for non-alcoholic drinks and non students were given red for alcoholic.

At 2 p.m., the guest speakers spoke about what a wonderful experience it was for the students of IU to be there lobbying for their school. Among the guest speakers was a senior from IU Bloomington majoring in Political Science, IU President Adam W. Herbert, D. Craig Brater, IU Vice President for Life Sciences and Dean, IU School of Medicine.

The speeches, varying in voice but not subject, lasted about an hour, leaving us confident on what we were to say when we spoke with our legislature. We were given an hour and a half to meet with our legislator and view the Life Science Exhibit.

Then the fun began. We assembled in the Indiana Roof Ballroom for dinner, drinks, and music performed by Jacobs School of Music Jazz Ensemble. We ended the day with a final speech from President Herbert, presenting the Welsh-Bowen Award, the HHE Scholarship, and the Sue H. Talbot Volunteer Award.

At the end of the trip, there was a sense of accomplishment that filled our bodies as we realized that what we did made a difference to someone. The total experience was something that is indescribable. IU simply rocked the statehouse.

SGA @ Work

February 28, 2007

Brandi Miller
Staff Writer

At Friday’s SGA meeting, the College Democrats were given $35 out of the requested $100 by unanimous vote to purchase drinks and a copy of the DVD “The War Tapes” that will be shown in Wiekamp 1001 on Wednesday, February 28. 

Kristofer Werely, an IUSB student representing smokers, issued a proposal to the SGA for a survey to be given to all students on campus regarding the proposed university-wide smoking ban. The issue was sent to the Smoking Ban Committee of the SGA for further discussion. Alma Galicia, Ngaatendwe Mantiziba, and Misty Perrin were all unanimously approved to join that committee.

Students for Common Sense requested $1000 to go to Washington, DC to protest the Iraq War. The total cost of the trip is nearly $5000 dollars. The SGA awarded them $400 with a (5-4) vote.

The Latino Student Union was awarded $700 (7-0-1) out of their request of $978 to attend a leadership conference in Bloomington on March 2-4.  

The Search and Screen Committee announced they have 15 applicants that will be screened as candidates for the open Senate seats. The applications will be sent to the Office of Student Life to be considered.

The Bulletin Board Committee announced they would like to hear from more students regarding the new bulletin board policies. They will be setting up a table in Wiekamp in coming weeks to talk to students about the issues regarding the new policies.

The next SGA meeting will be held at 4 p.m. on Friday, March 2 in room 225 of the SAC.

SGA @ Work

February 14, 2007

Brandy Miller
Staff Writer

The SGA approved several appointments to committees in their biweekly meeting on Friday. Former president Mike Renfrow was appointed as chair of the Election Committee by President Marcus Vigil and approved (4-2-2) by the Senate. The position was vacated by Joanna Reusser who will remain on the committee. Renfrow has been a part of three student governments here on campus and is very familiar with the constitution and student government. Senator Mphatso Jumbe was appointed and approved (7-0-1) to join the Student Affairs Committee.

Chief Justice Charles Norton was appointed and approved by unanimous approval to join the Publication Board Committee.

Teresa Granados was unanimously approved to become the Club Council Liaison while Marcus Vigil, Mphatso Jumbe, Ngaatendwe Mantiziba, Joanna Reusser, and Ben Peak were all unanimously approved by the Senate to join the Budget Committee.

Theresa Santos, Marcus Vigil, and Mitch Royer were unanimously approved to join the Bulletin Board Committee.

The IU South Bend Marketing and Advertising Clubs petitioned the SGA for $2,000 to attend a career fair in Chicago to learn different areas of the field. The monies were requested to be used to reimburse the students’ fees for registration along with transportation fees and hotel accommodations. The Senate approved the amount of $609.48 by unanimous vote for the club to attend. This is the cost of part of the hotel rooms and some travel fees.

Felix Marquez of the International Student Organization requested $1500 for the annual ISO Food Fest which takes place March 31. Monies were requested to pay for decorations, t-shirts, and publicity. The Senate approved $1000 by unanimous vote with the option of for the Senate to come back at a later date for another appeal.

Funding in the amount of $381 to come out of monies set aside to assist the Arts Department was unanimously approved for the V-Club for the presentation of Vagina Monologs.

The Senate unanimously approved the increase of the office budget for the SGA of $500 per month which increases the budget from last year’s $4500 to $5000 this year.

The Search and Screen committee reported that they are having difficulties finding qualified applicants for the vacant seats on the SGA Senate. They requested an extension of three weeks to continue their search. It was unanimously approved.

The next SGA meeting will be held on Friday, February 23 at 4 p.m. in room 225 of the SAC.

SGA@WORK 1/12/07

January 20, 2007

On Friday the SGA approved the resignation of Justice Sherin Raval and Treasurer Crissy Counsellor. President Marcus Vigil also announced an executive order releasing senators Vince Huseynli and Lori Bryant of their duties within the SGA as a result of poor attendance to meetings.


Marvin Rasch, Director of the Office of Student Life, announced new forms available online for club funds requests and concerns/complaints. They are available on the SGA home page and can now be submitted electronically. They cannot be submitted anonymously, a valid email address must be given to submit a form.


The Health and Wellness Resolution was approved by a unanimous vote. This proposal will now be sent to administration to add a ten dollar health and wellness fee to all students’ tuition beginning in the fall of 2007 to help pay the salary for a director for the center located in the SAC. Currently there is not a director and previous attempts to hire one have been unsuccessful.


The Events Attendance Policy is also being reviewed. It was approved for Teresa Santos to write up a proposal to the Arts Department to determine events for students to fulfill their events attendance.

An auxiliary for the SGA was discussed with a proposal for a job shadowing type of experience to gain interest in student government for incoming freshmen and transfer students for their future semesters at IU South Bend. The next SGA meeting will be Friday January 26 at 4:00 pm, SAC room 225.

Brandi Miller
Staff Writer

The IU South Bend Senate has vacated a third seat. Senator Erkki Kochketola has been impeached as a result of failure to follow the spirit of the SGA Constitution. This is the first impeachment at IU South Bend and has set precedence for future governments on campus. Read the rest of this entry »


December 10, 2006


The Chad Pearson scholarship dinner held on February 10th was discussed, reminding senators that the event is a dinner, dance, silent auction to raise money for scholarships. Last year $3,500 was raised.

Kristen Pritchett was approved in a unanimous vote as the president’s choice for club council chair. Pritchett is currently the secretary of the Japanese Club. She hopes to use the club council to better bring clubs together this year.

Michael Renfrow made a presentation on the music sharing service “RUCKUS” in use by IU Bloomington. The service, free to students with a valid university e-mail, would allow students free download of music, and movies, and television shows for a small fee.

President Vigil reminded the senators about the upcoming new student orientations on Dec. 15 and January 3.

A thank you was extended towards Senator Peak for his help with Zoo Boo.

President Vigil also addressed the recent concerns about the alleged campus assault. He thanked campus police and administrators. He noted that deadbolts have been installed in music rooms, lighting was looked at and panic buttons would possibly be installed.

The request to purchase 5 copies of Robert’s rules was vetoed by President Vigil, instead, one copy was purchased.

Vice President Johanna Reusser sought a representative to attend the meetings of the publications board.

Chief Justice Chuck Norton took the opportunity to review Robert’s Rules to the SGA, reading various passages and concluding that Robert’s Rules do not in any way supercede the SGA constitution.

A report from the academic senate revealed new information about student housing. Work is currently being done on design plans, and a student advising committee has been established. Current estimates project the first phase, containing 400 beds, be completed for a Fall 2008 opening. Working with LEAD, there is concern to make the new housing environmentally friendly.

It is noted that the new housing still awaits the governor signing the bonds. Faculty Advisor Marvin Rasch stated that if not signed by the end of the year, this could cause a 1 year delay in the project.

The Academic Senate report also noted the Pedestrian Bridge dedication would be held on November 30th.