The IUSB Preface has moved!

July 17, 2009

Please visit our new website at


2 Responses to “The IUSB Preface has moved!”

  1. Don Oberloh Says:

    The last thing IUSB does is protect the civil rights of the largest single minority group in America. With 55 million members, that diverse group, called Americans with disabilities has more members than African Americans, Hispanic-Americans, League of Women voters, etc. but still gets discriminated against every single day. Over 1000 violations to the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA)have existed with full knowledge of the IUSB administration and Disability Student Services for over three years.

    When will they take some of the 20 million spent on Reck’s office and admin building and fix the older ADA problems?

    They’ll respond by saying that they’ve put together a team, but its all smoke and mirrors. Only with our input and letter to the Trustees have they even talked openly about it. We offered to share our expertise free of charge but they turned us down and are making errors in their febble attempts at compliancy. When I leave this campus next year, I have no doubt that they will stop any and all attempts at making corrections, even though its a civil rights law.

    Over 1000 violations, thats looking at a billlion dollars in fines by by the Department of Justice, and they think they know anything? They are putting IUSB’s federal funding and accreditation at risk. That affects every student at IUSB who is paying for an accredited degree.

    ADA facility access mandates are not a building code but a civil rights law. Non compliance is not only an act of discrimination but is now being classified as a Hate Crime.

    How can we, as Americans, turn our backs on the disabled? They could be your grandmother or that American hero who comes back from a war they never started, leaving a part of them behind so that we can feel free in reading and writing this.

    IUSB and all those who look the other way should be ashamed of calling themselves Americans.

  2. i insyaallah akk cobba tipsnya..nemang hebbat Click

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