The end of racism

February 27, 2008

By Jake Jones

Preacher Moss came to IU South Bend a seasoned veteran of his art, having been a writer for Damon Wayans, SNL’s Darrell Hammond, Nickelodeon, and George Lopez, and also being the founder of the “Allah  Made Me Funny,” the official Muslim Comedy Tour. Moss has performed his End of Racism comedy lecture for many years at more than 500 colleges across the United States and he made the most of his hour long standup bit. 

Moss began his presentation by introducing his comedy lecture as not being a lecture at all, given that it “didn’t have any charts, graphs, or boredom.” After introducing this unique concept he stepped into the jokes.


His show encompassed many stories and anecdotes from his life, combining his early experience as a public school teacher attempting to quell a race war between fourth graders, to his investigation of the KKK via chat rooms, and most compelling of all, standing in line at a Subway with a room full of older women.

Preacher Moss’s main points were: “Racism affects everyone; racism is why you never see black people in tanning commercials. Racism affects white people too. It is why white people don’t have their own month.” Moss stressed that everyone has been sitting at the back of the bus and passed an unfair judgment on someone they did not know. To stress a unity in differences, Moss picked people out of the audience and asked them what “hyphen American” they were, and everyone gave a different answer inlcuding German, Irish, and African. Moss has made it his job with the End of Racism comedy lecture to confront issues of racism, diversity, and tolerance, and to make people aware of their differences.

For more information about Preacher Moss, visit


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