Black Student Union makes a contribution to promoting campus diversity

February 27, 2008

Campus diversity is much more than a symbolic feature at Indiana University South Bend. It is embraced and valued by all the people who are committed to the academic success of each student. Many factors hold together to promote our campus diversity, among them are race, ethnicity, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, and religion. There are also many different student groups devoted to promoting diversity on campus. Among more than 50 student organizations at IU South Bend, one of them is the Black Student Union.

Founded in 2005, the Black Student Union is still a young group with only 20 members. However, this organization keeps recruiting new members on campus in order to provide a chance for students to get involved, and meet other students who share their professional, athletic, academic, and community-service interests.

“The Black Student Union offers opportunities for socialization and connection between minority group students at IUSB,” explained Pauline Jarvis-Ward, who is the advisor of this organization. “We encourage academic excellence in our students, and also help our minority group students realize the ways to enhance their leadership through various activities such as food drives, civil rights workshops, and social work in the community.” She added.

As Jarvis-Ward said, the Black Student Union’s job is to help college students, especially those whose are from minority groups, to adjust to their new life and build their confidence. The organization will designate mentors to help incoming students to overcome fears and concerns about studying or living in a new environment. For academic aid, it provides study circles for members to study together not only from class but also from life and history.

There are a lot of events coming out in this group every semester. In the rest of this semester, there will be a group activity featuring African-American history on February 1. In the middle of February, there will be a program about how music can have a message. On February 19, there will be a great chance for students to showcase their creative skills in the Talent Showcase program. “The purpose of maintaining this organization,” Pauline stressed, “is to encourage our students to get involved in the events, to learn more, and to go to the community.”

The Black Student Union is not merely limited to African American students; every student is welcome. It also has some interactive activities with other minority student organizations such as the Latino Students Union and the Feminist Student Union. Through these activities, the organizations hope that students from minority groups will feel less lonely, and get more chances to learn from other cultures.


2 Responses to “Black Student Union makes a contribution to promoting campus diversity”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Hi, I am in a black student union club at my college, i have been in it for three years. its my fourth year and i will be graduating soon. it seem to me like the club is fallin apart. i guess my question is how can we get more people involve more in events? and what kind of event that would be enjoyable and be a success?

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