Adam Gallippo

Student Life Editor

Members of the local community gathered outside the Morris Performing Arts Center on Jan. 11 from 5-6 PM to protest President Bush’s latest decision to deploy over 20,000 troops to


Roughly 40 people showed up with candles and anti-war or anti-torture signs. The theme of the protest which took place throughout the
United States was “No War, No Torture.”


The evening started with a silent prayer followed by the reading of the names of the soldiers from Indiana that died in
Iraq. The protestors then moved to the corner of Colfax and
Michigan to catch traffic as many passersby made their way home from work. Read the rest of this entry »


SGA@WORK 1/12/07

January 20, 2007

On Friday the SGA approved the resignation of Justice Sherin Raval and Treasurer Crissy Counsellor. President Marcus Vigil also announced an executive order releasing senators Vince Huseynli and Lori Bryant of their duties within the SGA as a result of poor attendance to meetings.


Marvin Rasch, Director of the Office of Student Life, announced new forms available online for club funds requests and concerns/complaints. They are available on the SGA home page and can now be submitted electronically. They cannot be submitted anonymously, a valid email address must be given to submit a form.


The Health and Wellness Resolution was approved by a unanimous vote. This proposal will now be sent to administration to add a ten dollar health and wellness fee to all students’ tuition beginning in the fall of 2007 to help pay the salary for a director for the center located in the SAC. Currently there is not a director and previous attempts to hire one have been unsuccessful.


The Events Attendance Policy is also being reviewed. It was approved for Teresa Santos to write up a proposal to the Arts Department to determine events for students to fulfill their events attendance.

An auxiliary for the SGA was discussed with a proposal for a job shadowing type of experience to gain interest in student government for incoming freshmen and transfer students for their future semesters at IU South Bend. The next SGA meeting will be Friday January 26 at 4:00 pm, SAC room 225.

Deciding what to ware Getting a quality education is not the only perk of attending IUSB.  You might not have known it, but being a student entitles you to a bevy of discounts on software and hardware.

At the Northside campus bookstore you can purchase top of the line Microsoft programs at prices that will make even the gloomiest of the glum happy.  Consider the price of Windows XP, which might set you back a couple hundred dollars depending on where you buy it.  If you are wise enough to stop by the bookstore before Best Buy, you’ll walk away with the PC standard in operating systems for only ten bucks.  Are you sold yet? Read the rest of this entry »

Bring the Ruckus

January 20, 2007

Adam Gallippo

Student Life Editor

On October 16 Indiana University Bloomington accepted a new media site that allows all IU students to legally download music and movies for free. is used across the country by various colleges and institutions and is a nice alternative to programs like BitTorrent or LimeWire. With IUSB moving to a 24 hour campus, thanks to student housing, something like will basically be an essential for students on living on campus.

Students downloading illegal music and film, despite a university policy against it, plagued many universities. Instead of universities hunting down individual students and seeing who’s downloading what, gives both students and administrators what they want. For students: free entertainment. For administrators: zero liability.


Every week Ruckus features a Top 10 list of songs and films along with the other basic search functionalities. You can also set up a My Ruckus profile that is somewhat in the style of a myspace where you share your favorite songs and films.


All in all, is a cool site to get free stuff from and is definitely worth checking out.

Steve Lotter

Staff Writer

No children.  No future.  No hope.  That’s the tagline for Alfonso Cuarón’s (Y tu mamá también) dystopian vision of the future, Children of Men.


Cuarón takes directing and writing credits in this film adaptation of a P.D. James novel.  It’s a stark portrayal of the future rooted in science fiction elements, yet the film is most rewarding when it focuses on the emotional relationships of its characters, sprawled out in a city of ruins.

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Robert L Francis jr
Staff Writer

IU South Bend made the switch to electronic billing in July of 2006. Indiana University first began a plan to upgrade the information systems in 1999 using a system called PeopleSoft software. This software made its way to IUSB in the form of OneStart.

When OneStart debuted, it was greeted with the usual amount of skepticism and trepidation of something new. Initially it had its share of problems but those problems were addressed and apparently all the bugs have been worked out.But do the staff and students like it better? It works, but is it really efficient?      Read the rest of this entry »

Adam Gallippo

Student Life Editor

Arguably the most famous athlete in the world, David Beckham recently signed a five year contract rumored to be worth in the neighborhood of $250 million to play soccer for the L.A Galaxy.

The contract, according to the L.A. Galaxy, will cover Beckham’s salary and commercial endorsements over that five year period.


One question seems to be common among the various sports stations and publications; can the 31 year old Beckham turn America on to soccer? Read the rest of this entry »

Terrie Phillips

Campus News Editor


Take a moment and reflect on what has made who we are, as a generation Millennial, I remember 9/11, the Iraq war, Britney Spears, N*Sync, and similar boy group pop stars, the Death of Rosa Parks, South Park, and Ipods.  What do you remember?


On Wednesday January 10, in NS 245 in the University Center for Excellence in Teaching (UCET), an interactive, multi-media presentation broadcasted from IUPUI, about intergenerational understanding was presented by Terri Tarr and Megan Palmer.


The presentation aimed to help people understand differences between generations, like the Greatest Generation; people born from 1922-1943, the Baby Boomers generation; which is people born from 1944-1960, the Gen X generation; which is people born 1960-1980, and Generation Millennials; people born in 1981-2000. 


Palmer and Tarr discussed different terms each generation is known by, like Seniors for Greatest Gen., the events and trends that defined that generation: like television and woman‘s Liberation for the Baby Boomers, different representative members; like Kurt Cobain for Gen. X‘ers, heroes; like Martin Luther King for the Boomers, different technology that was introduced by that generation; like the Ipod for the Millenials, cultural memorabilia; like different television shows, and core values. 


UCET is a center that is, “dedicated to enhancing faculty development and student learning,” according to the UCET brochure.  UCET holds workshops, has mentoring, consultations, and offers news about teaching, feedback, new faculty orientation, conferences, and a variety of resources.  For more information on UCET you can call them at (574) 520-4849 or you can visit their website at


For more information on the presentation you can go to

Scott Schroeder
Staff Writer 

The South Bend punk rock band Double Agent took some time out of their busy schedules, which includes working on a new album, to answer some questions for the Preface.
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Alma D. Gomez
Staff Writer 

Earthquake! Earthquake! This is exactly what it felt like at the House of Blues in Chicago on December 2nd.  It wasn’t an earthquake caused such commotion but fans enjoying a great concert.  So the question remains, who was causing the entire building to tremble? The answer is: SENSES FAIL, a Screamo/Punk/Emo band, from New Jersey who headlined the tour. Read the rest of this entry »