Steve Lotter
Staff Writer

Not many students at IUSB can claim to be published authors. Zorina Exie Jerome is one of the few.

A project six years in the making, her first book, I Will Not Apologize for Being a Woman, is a personal memoir written from an urban Christian perspective. As the title suggests, Jerome makes no excuses for being who she is, opting to keep it real rather than fake the funk.

Jerome got her start as a poet and a writer, performing poetic monologues at open-mic events. In 2004 she won the first Expression Session’s Poetry Slam contest and in 2006 she received the Wolfson Literary award for her work in screenwriting. In total, she has been writing poetry for nearly 10 years. She published her latest effort herself, a decision she made with great deliberation.

“It was either that or submit my work and hope somebody would want it and publish it,” says Jerome. “I didn’t want to wait. I figured I would invest the money, so when I go to write another book I would have something behind it. Plus it looks great on a resume”

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A Winter Aid Drive is being sponsored by the Spanish Club, History Club, Latino Student Union, International Student Organization, Civil Rights Heritage Center, and Feminist Student Union. According to Kristi Dunn, co-president of the History and Spanish clubs, “We are asking for non-perishable food items, toiletries, NEW towels and washcloths, and diapers to donate to La Casa, Urban League and the Women’s Shelter/YWCA.”

The drive will be held from Monday November 13th to Friday November 17th and several drop boxes will be available including by the reference area, first floor IUSB Library, Admin Building, and near the elevator in Wiekamp on Thursday and Friday.

“Need is great this season as donations have been fairly low this year,” according to Dunn, “cash is also always accepted.”

If you have any questions about the drive you can contact Kristi Dunn at

Adam Gallippo
Student Life Editor

“For some reason ping pong came very natural to me,” said Forrest Gump in the 1994 blockbuster film. “So I started playin’ it all the time.”

Forrest was right. Ping pong is fun and thanks to the developers at Rockstar Games you can now play it on your X-Box 360. That’s right the makers of the beloved and controversial Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series have developed a ping pong game.

In Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis, you start out with the basic sports game modes: these are training, exhibition, tournament and online.

I would strongly suggest that you utilize the training mode. Although the controls are easy to get the hang of after a few matches the true benefit of training mode is learning to charge and aim your shots. By charging your shots not only do they have more spin and power but you build your focus meter enabling you to make tougher shots throughout the match.

Exhibition and Tournament modes are self explanatory. So much so I’ll let Forrest tell you what you’ll be doing through another film quote.

“I played ping pong even when I didn’t have anybody to play ping pong with,” said Forrest.

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Andy Hostetter
Entertainment Editor

The separation of Mr. and Mrs. Spears, Britney and Kevin, should have come as no shock to anyone paying attention over the last year. The divorce announcement on November 7 would be followed with the feeling of hope throughout the world that our sweet Princess Britney would come back to reality and regain her thrown.

Spears has shown us as of lately that she is in fact ready to regain her thrown. Appearing on “Late Night With David Letterman” just one day before announcing her divorce, Spears appeared in amazing shape. Now that she has dropped the pounds and unloaded a big piece of trash off her back, she should be ready to move on with her career.

But let us not forget about what is going to happen to poor Kevin Federline. The rapper/dancer just released his first album Playing With Fire to less than stellar sales and reviews. What’s an out of work single parent to do? Ah yes, make a killing on the divorce settlements, which is what we expected all along. Too bad Spears signed a prenuptial agreement that only allows one year of alimony to K-Fed for a total of $250,000.

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Sony will be launching the new PS3 on November 17, two days before Nintendo plans to launch the Wii. Sony has run into several delays with the new launch originally slated for this past spring. With high prices of $499 and $599 gamers are still anxiously awaiting the launch according to a representative at a local game store.

The Nintendo Wii, with a price point of $250, is expected to have a higher number of systems available than the PS3 with four million by January 1, compared to 2.5 million PS3’s.

The rep at the game store said each store in their chain will have four to five PS3 systems and 10 to 12 Wii’s available on launch day. They are getting daily calls about both systems and anticipate launch day to be “chaotic” according to the rep.


December 21, 2006

On November 6 the Student Nurses Association (SNA) sponsored a blood drive in the Alumni room on campus. According to Bobbie Costigan, SNA president, the event was a success. “21 units of blood were collected which will help save 63 lives in the community. Each unit of blood is separated into three different components and each of those goes to one individual in need,” said Costigan.

Each year Indiana University and Purdue have a Blood Donor Challenge. Results so far have IU in the lead with 3,982 units versus Purdue with 3,432 units. The challenge ends on November 18. Locally the South Bend Medical Foundation has collected 322 units of blood from Indiana University patrons and students and 295 from Purdue. This is nine percent more units for IU over Purdue.

Costigan also said that the SNA would like to sponsor another blood drive in early January because the beginning of the year is a very demanding time for the blood bank.

Rape Alleged on Campus

December 21, 2006

Adam Gallippo
Student Life Editor

According to the IUSB security log, case #118-06, an alleged rape was reported to have occurred on October 3rd in Northside room 0068E between 8:00-9:00 p.m.

“The investigation was conducted by myself and is completed,” said IUSB Director of Safety and Security, Marty Gersey.

Currently, Gersey’s investigation report has been sent to the Family Violence Center where the Deputy Prosecutor will review the case and determine whether or not charges will be filed.

The alleged suspect has been identified and, according to Gersey, is not currently in custody as the Deputy Prosecutor is still reviewing the case.

News of the alleged incident has begun to spread through the campus. One concerned individual wrote “Did you know a rape occurred on campus?” in white chalk in front of the main entrance to Wiekamp.

A natural reaction for those hearing about the alleged rape for the first time is more than likely one of concern, not only for themselves, but also fellow students. However, according to Gersey, this is the first time an incident like this has been alleged at IUSB and all the necessary measures are being taken.

“Throughout my investigation it was never evident that there was any safety issue on campus,” said Gersey.

According to Gersey, one of the questions he asked himself during the course of his investigation was whether or not there would be a risk to others on campus.

“If I felt there was a risk to others on campus I would’ve issued a crime alert,” said Gersey. “There wasn’t one issued.”

In the past, Gersey has issued crime alerts when he felt students, staff and faculty should be on the look out. Most recently, one was issued when a student was threatened on 20th Street by an individual who claimed to have a gun.

Look for the Preface to have more information on this story after the Deputy Prosecutor has reviewed the case.

Terrie Phillips
Campus News Editor

On Wednesday November 8, 2006, Professor Michael Tracey visited Professor Yuri Obata’s Theory of Mass Communication class.

Tracey is from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is an internationally known researcher and scholar. Tracey talked with the students on why he thought theory education is important, “I think the most important thing of education is to think,” said Tracey.

“Media is a profound aspect of all of our lives, developing the ability to think critically is important,” said Tracey. Tracey said, he believes that media shows us what our values are. “If you want to change, if the way we think about the world is a way we see a message, change the message and we will change the world,” said Tracey, “But if the message is a part of living, it’s hard to do.”

Tracey also believes, “the fact of us being social beings gets in the way of us being fully human.” “The way humans exist is a capitalistic existence, that human essence is denied,” said Tracey.

Tracey then went into why he became involved in media theory and the story of his upbringing. Tracey is known internationally, “he was head of the Broadcasting Research Unit in London, Britain’s leading think tank dealing with media issues”, according to .

Tracey has been increasingly interested in the JonBenet Ramsey case for about ten years. Making three documentaries and writing two books. The main focus is on how the media covered the story and took the Ramsey’s sixth amendment rights away by hiding behind the first.

You can get more information on Tracey at .

Adam Gallippo
Student Life Editor

Thanks to the success of their first event earlier this semester, the IUSB Poker Club has announced a second, free to enter, No Limit Hold ‘Em poker tournament at 7:00 p.m. in the Grille on December 1st.

Last tournament, 125 players competed for the $100 winner-takes-all prize. Todd Windbigler was the lucky individual who walked away with the tournament victory. Although last events turnout was greater than expected, this time around ISUB Poker Club President, Mike Renfrow hopes even more will join in on the fun.

“There are very few places were you can play in groups that big,” said Renfrow. “This time around we hope to increase the number of players to 150-160.”

The Poker Club also hopes to finish the tournament by midnight this time as a result of the first tournament lasting until 1:30 a.m.

Another change the Poker Club has made the second time around, is the addition of two new professional poker tables.

“We had such a great turnout last time that we were able to buy two authentic, full sized Texas Hold ‘Em poker tables,” said Renfrow.

If you’re a poker playing regular or even just someone interested in learning more about the game then this is yet another perfect, most importantly free opportunity provided by the IUSB Poker Club to play tournament style poker with large numbers of people.

“I had a great time,” said IUSB senior, Duc Dang who finished in 16th place in the first poker tournament. “It was a lot of fun and a great chance for poker players to get together and meet.”

Like the previous tournament, you can register a few different ways. The first way is by sending an e-mail to the Poker Club at Your second option is calling Mike Renfrow at 574-206-5041. Finally, you can register at the event itself starting between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m.

Bar Review: Noma

December 21, 2006

Matt Stefaniak
Assistant Editor

After all of the hullabaloo surrounding the opening of Noma, a fine dining establishment with an adjacent bar, the Preface had to check it out.

Noma is the perfect spot to start off a Saturday night. After passing a strict dress code and showing your ID to the bouncer you enter a gigantic foyer with perfect lighting. When you look to the right you see a giant fish tank filled with Portuguese Men of War. Then you hear eclectic house beats being spun by a live D.J. Your first though is “this place is pretty cool.”

When you actually enter the bar, you hopes are quickly dashed. The nouveau furniture is crammed into a small area which gives you virtually no place to stand, and with the constant flow of customers, no place to sit either.

However the bar is easily accessible and there are waitresses aplenty that take your order on PDAs that scan the order right to the bar, so virtually no wait time on drinks.

The waitresses are clad in pseudo-Japanese uniforms which seem to go with the Noma theme, although the house music makes the bar seem more Euro than oriental.

The top-shelf drink selection is second to none in South Bend. Standing right in the middle of the top shelf is a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue, and for a mere twenty-seven dollars you can enjoy a double shot of the finest Scotch in the world. Having a great drink selection has drawbacks; beer is around five dollars a bottle and mixed drinks around seven dollars

Perhaps the best thing about Noma is the location. You are within walking distance of Club Fever, The Oyster Bar, Fiddler’s Hearth, and McCormick’s. So when your pockets are feeling light after a couple of drinks at Noma, you can finish the night off at one of South Bend’s more traditional spots.

All in all, Noma is cozy, trendy, and upscale all at the same time. While it may not be the best place to drink all night, it is worth a quick stop on your way to somewhere else. I give it three Portuguese Men of War out of five.